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Wheelchair Fitness Routine



Maintaining and building strength is important for your overall health

Fitness is a hot topic in our country right now. However, all the fitness trends and infomercials you see on television are all geared toward those with full mobility. Individuals who depend on wheelchairs or other mobility devices benefit from a fitness routine just as much as those who are not.

Developing a fitness routine can help you stave off medical conditions, obesity and decreased mobility. The key is to not jump in too fast. Instead, ease yourself into a new routine. Doing too much in the beginning is an easy way to injure yourself and can prevent you from working out for even longer. The following is a basic approach to starting an exercise program.

Start with a transitional phase; your body needs time to adjust to doing certain kinds of work again. Use only your bodyweight in doing simple, repetitive tasks, such as lifting your arms from the side of your body so they form a “T” with your torso. Be sure to put an emphasis on using the correct form as this helps build muscle strength and endurance while also preventing injuries.

After you are used to bodyweight exercises, you can begin using lighter free weights or a resistance band to begin to build and tone more muscle. Resistance bands and lighter free weights are relatively inexpensive, and medicine balls can be used for a variety of workouts. Be sure to leave a day of rest between your workouts and never work the same muscles two workouts in a row. Overworking muscles can cause fatigue and injury.

You should be able to see the benefit of these workouts because they should help build functional strength and lead to a healthier you.

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