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Rise and Shine and Stretch


A simple stretch routine can bring you major health benefits

Stretching can do wonders for your health and wellness. It increases blood flow to your entire body and can increase your range of motion to make daily tasks easier. It can also relieve stress by releasing tension from muscles. The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology is dedicated to the care and advocacy for those with spinal cord injuries so we put together this simple stretch routine that can be done from home!

Safety is very important when it comes to stretching. Make sure that you consult a doctor beforehand to make sure that you are stretching the correct muscles and doing it in a safe way. Be sure to do all stretches gradually and never force a stretch. Only stretch to the point where you feel it but not to where you feel pain. How long and how often you choose to stretch may vary. You can ask a doctor about what is right for you. Here are some easy stretching exercises to get you started:

  • Place your left hand under your left knee and pull your left knee up towards your chest for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise on your right side.
  • Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you and lean forward. Loop a strap around the bottom of your foot and pull it gently until your knees are straight. Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat it 10 times.
  • Lie on your back and raise your arms straight above your head to stretch out the shoulders. Stay in this position for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat. You can also stretch your arms above your head while sitting upright.

Getting into a stretching routine can have many health benefits. Recruit a friend or loved one to help with stretches each day to help motivate you and keep it fun!

The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology helps ensure that people with spinal cord injuries, spinal bifida, muscular dystrophy and other conditions receive the necessary equipment and related supporting services they deserve.  If you, or someone you know could benefit from our services, check out our website!